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May 2016

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Messe Düsseldorf generates €243 million in sales revenues
Messe Düsseldorf Group achieves over €10 million profit
70% international exhibitors at the Group’s own events in Düsseldorf
Good forecasts for 2016: Group revenues to increase to approximately €420 million
Messe Düsseldorf expects revenues of around €380 million
Further development of 2030 strategy: Expansion of global portfolio

The Messe Düsseldorf Group continued its successful development in 2015. Due to the trade fair cycle, fewer events were held in 2015, with €302 million (2014: €411.5 million) in revenues. The Group achieved €10.3 million net profit after tax (2014: €57.7 million). Outside Germany, the Group generated around €100 million (2014: €112 million). The Czech Republic (€31.7 million) and Russia (€31.3 million) continued to be the top-selling international markets, followed by China (€13.7 million) and Singapore (€7.3 million). Overall, the international share of the Group's revenues was 33% (2014: 26%).

Messe Düsseldorf’s revenues in 2015 were around 3.5% above plan (€235 million), totaling €243 million (2014: approximately €348 million). Own events in Düsseldorf itself accounted for about €183 million (2014: €277 million), while guest events and other revenues were about €20 million (2014: €29 million). During the past financial year the biggest revenue drivers in Düsseldorf were the No. 1 trade fairs MEDICA, ProWein, A+A and boot and the metallurgy quartet GIFA, METEC, ¬THERM¬PROCESS and NEWCAST. Messe Düsseldorf’s annual results after tax were approximately €31 million (2014: €51m). This included a one-time “special effect” of €22 million, resulting from the sale of Veletrhy Brno in 2016. The share of international business realized directly by Messe Düsseldorf was approximately €40 million (2014: €42 million). The revenue drivers were Collection Première Moscow, interplastica, METALLOOBRABOTKA and PLASTINDIA.

Werner M. Dornscheidt, President and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf, sees the 2015 result as a confirmation of the Group's strategy with its focus on the relevant industries and markets: “We are taking the focal areas of the world’s leading trade fairs to new growth markets and creating feedback effects. At the same time, our existing events in Düsseldorf are continuing to develop steadily, with new ideas and trade fair strategies - drupa 2016 and K 2016 are perfect examples for that. Even in times of economic difficulties we can therefore expand, invest in our exhibition center and strengthen our position as the world’s number-one organizers of capital goods trade fairs long-term.”

Positive economic impact on Düsseldorf
With the sustained development of its trade fairs in Düsseldorf, Messe Düsseldorf also ensures a positive socio-economic impact. Between 2012 and 2016, Messe Düsseldorf paid €35 million in business tax, i.e. an annual average of €7 million. Moreover, due to indirect returns, Messe Düsseldorf contributed around €26 million to the City of Düsseldorf annually. Combined, exhibitors and visitors spent over €700 million, and the Group has generated more than €1 billion in induced sales year by year. Messe Düsseldorf is expecting 1,800 exhibitors with 30,000 staff and about 300,000 visitors at drupa (the leading trade fair for print and cross-media solutions held from May 31 – June 10, 2016) and about 3,000 exhibitors with 30,000 to 40,000 staff and around 20,000 visitors at K (the No. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber taking place October 19 – 26, 2016). “This large number of visitors does of course create quite a buzz within the city. Hotels, catering businesses, local retailers and taxis are just some of the industries that benefit directly from our trade fairs,” said Werner M. Dornscheidt.

Sustainable business secured by sound financial and asset position
For Messe Düsseldorf, its expansion of national and international business and its future investments are very clearly based on a sustainable development without subsidies. Compared with the previous year, the total assets of the Messe Düsseldorf Group increased by 4.0%, reaching €669 million. As in the previous year, a large proportion of the operating cash flow will be used for the further development of the global portfolio, both in content and operations, as well as for modernizing the Düsseldorf exhibition center. The complete refurbishment of all halls and customer areas should be completed by 2030. The planned investment total for renovation and construction activities is €636 million. Rebuilding of the new South Entrance building and halls 1 and 2 is at the planning stage in 2016.

High level of internationality shows that Düsseldorf is a venue with world class quality
In 2015 Messe Düsseldorf organized a total of 18 own events and 11 guest events at its home base. On 891,054 square meters of net hall space (2014: 1.3 million square meters), 25,819 exhibitors (2014: 31,269) showcased their innovative products and services to around 1.1 million visitors (2014: 1.4 million).In addition, congresses attracted over half a million visitors.

The proportion of international exhibitors at own events in Düsseldorf continued to be significantly high, averaging 70% (previous events: 68%). The high level of internationality was particularly strong at NEWCAST (84%) and MEDICA (78%). The share of international visitors averaged at about 26%, reaching almost the level of the previous events. The highest rates were achieved at NEWCAST (66%) and MEDICA (61%). ““The global market quality of our events is increasingly also attracting more export-focused decision-makers,” explained Werner M. Dornscheidt.

2030 strategy: driving the expansion of global portfolios
Messe Düsseldorf also had a successful year in the international trade fair business – with a total of 36 contracted and 20 own and joint events. The largest number of events were held in Russia, China and India. In addition, 31 events were organized by Trade Fairs Brno at its home base in the Czech Republic.

“This positive international development of events is a success we’ve achieved through our Messe Düsseldorf 2030 strategy. In addition to the ongoing development of the world’s leading trade fairs and digital customer services, the Group is now putting an even greater focus on expanding its global portfolio and international sales activities,” stated Werner M. Dornscheidt.

In 2015, the Global Packaging & Processing portfolio was expanded to include a new trade fair quartet in China – the Shanghai World of Packaging (SWOP) and last year’s C-star in Shanghai was a successful spin-off of EuroShop. Also, Metal Middle East in Dubai established itself as an important international trade on the Middle Eastern growth market and in the United Arab Emirates. For the first time, the plastics trade fair INTERPLASTICA was held not only in Moscow but also in Kazan.

International highlights in 2016
“Over the next few years we are particularly going to step up our involvement in the markets of Asia and North and South America,” commented Werner M. Dornscheidt. In April 2016 IRANPLAST, the first plastics trade fair on the developing Iranian market was held as part of Messe Düsseldorf’s international program. In Mumbai, India, the new FoodPex India will be a valuable addition to the well established trade fairs International PackTech India and Drink Techology. The events related to the world’s leading wine trade fair ProWein are also growing. After Messe Düsseldorf successfully expanded ProWein Düsseldorf into China with ProWine China in 2013, the premiere of ProWine Asia in Singapore took place in April 2016 with a high level of international participation. Also, PUMP SUMMIT AMERICAS, the first spin-off of Düsseldorf’s specialist conference PUMP SUMMIT will be held this year from June 13 - 14 in Houston.

Forecast for 2016: Revenues will exceed €400 million
For 2016 there is expectation of growth. “In 2016, which has a large number of events in our trade fair cycle, we are expecting Group revenues to increase to €420 million,” said Werner M. Dornscheidt. “drupa and K are two of our most important capital goods trade fairs. In addition, we have boot, wire/Tube, CARAVAN SALON and MEDICA.” He sees the development of trade fairs in the first quarter of 2016 as initial confirmation of his goal. Compared with previous events, both exhibitor and visitor figures have shown positive growth at Messe Düsseldorf’s own events in Düsseldorf. Overall, 31 events planned for Düsseldorf this year. Internationally, the number of events – including joint events – is expected to be 97.

For information on any of the trade fairs in the worldwide program of the Messe Düsseldorf Group, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail:; Visit our web site; Subscribe to our blog; Follow us on twitter at

The Messe Düsseldorf Group
With a turnover of Euro 302 million in 2015, the Messe Düsseldorf Group has again confirmed its position as one of Germany's most successful trade fair companies. At this year’s events in Düsseldorf, approximately 25,800 exhibitors presented their products to 1.1 million trade visitors. More than 500,000 additional visitors took part in the congresses. About 50 trade fairs - including 24 No. 1 events – were held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center in five areas of expertise - machinery, plant and equipment, retail, trade and services, medicine and health, fashion and lifestyle and leisure - as well as some 80 to100 own, joint or contracted events in other countries, demonstrating that Messe Düsseldorf is one of the leading export platforms worldwide. Messe Düsseldorf ranks No. 1 in terms of the international participation at its capital goods exhibitions. The company's own machinery, plant and equipment trade fairs attracted about 64% international exhibitors and 54% visitors from countries other than Germany. Overall, the Düsseldorf trade fairs were visited by customers from about 180 countries. The Group’s global network consists of sales offices in 132 countries (71 international representations) as well as competence centers in eight countries. 
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