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Located in the heart of Europe, Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state. Roughly 9 million people live within 30 miles of Düsseldorf, and nearly 30 million live within a 90-mile radius. Because of its location and population, Düsseldorf is one of Germany’s leading centers of business, transportation, culture, and recreation.

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What You Need to Know Before You Arrive

Changing Money

Changing money has never been easier! With familiar ATMs throughout Germany, changing your home currency into Euros is as simple and convenient as getting cash at home. In fact, you'll likely get a more favorable rate of exchange at an ATM than by going to the cashier window at a local bank or major hotel, both of which will charge a fee of the service and often times offer varying rates of exchange.

Banks and major hotels are usually your only option for changing money if you are carrying cash or travelers checks. There are banks conveniently located at the airport and on-site at the fairgrounds.

Try and estimate in advance how much cash you think you'll need during your stay in Germany, since you'll be charged for changing Euros back into your home currency upon your departure. And be aware that only paper money can be exchanged, not coins.

To find the current rate of exchange, click on: Currency Converter

Cash or Credit

In Germany, cash is still the predominant method of payment. However, at most shops, hotels, and restaurants, payment with a major credit card is widely accepted. We just encourage you to check before attempting to make your purchase!


Cellular service is widely available throughout Europe. Check with your service provider prior to travelling to Düsseldorf to assess international availability and costs. 

For Smart Phone users, Wi-Fi service is available in many locations as it is in the U.S. - including hotels, shops, and on the Düsseldorf Fairgrounds for an additional fee. Wi-Fi service allows many Smart Phone users to send in-network texts, calls, and internet access for Skype.

The Climate

You can be certain that the weather in Düsseldorf will be predictably unpredictable. Like all of northern Europe, rain can move in at a moment’s notice, so don’t forget to pack your umbrella and raincoat! Much like the climate in the many areas of the northern United States and Canada, you can expect wet cool springs, pleasantly mild summers, crisp falls, and cold winters.

Click here for the current weather forecast for Düsseldorf.

Local News and Media

You’ll find Germans to be very well informed and up-to-date on current events, politics, and sports. You’ll undoubtedly be able to establish rapport with your German counterparts, business associates, and acquaintances if you’re able to converse about topics of local importance. Be sure to take a look at the following English-language news links from Germany to find out more about what’s currently going on.

The Local (Germany's News in English)

Deutsche Welle (Television/Radio Media)

Deutschland Online (Internet News Magazine)

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Arrival in Düsseldorf

By Air   With its location in the heart of Europe, Düsseldorf’s Rhein-Ruhr International Airport is one of Germany’s busiest and most modern. Nearly 80 airlines offer more than 1,500 flight connections each week from around the world. Numerous direct flights operate to or from the United States daily. And if you fly from overseas and transit via London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt, Düsseldorf is less than an hour’s flight away. From the airport, it takes less than ten minutes by bus (No. 896) or by taxi to arrive at the nearby Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.
Once in Düsseldorf, your exhibitor pass and/or your admission ticket doubles as your ticket for travel on all subways, streetcars, and buses within the city's public transportation network!

Taxi   Taxis are available at the Düsseldorf International Airport and offer a flat rate of roughly 25 Euro (rate subject to change) within the Düsseldorf city limits. Taxi stands are also available at specific locations throughout the City of Düsseldorf as well as the Messe Düsseldorf fairgrounds.

By Rail   Traveling by rail in Europe is quick, efficient, and affordable. Germany’s Deutsche Bahn & Rheinbahn passenger railways offer punctual and comfortable service to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) in downtown Düsseldorf, as well as the Düsseldorf International Airport. Deutsche Bahn also offers a host of reduced fares. For example, under certain circumstances a group of six or more can receive a 40-65% discount. From the main train station, the U78 and U79 subway / trams will get you to and from the Düsseldorf fairgrounds in approximately 20 minutes. Again please note that, once in Düsseldorf, your exhibitor pass and/or your admission ticket doubles as your ticket for travel on all subways, streetcars, and buses within the city's public transportation network! From the train station at the airport, it takes less than ten minutes by bus (No. 896) or by taxi to arrive at the nearby Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.

By Automobile  

Düsseldorf is surrounded by a dense highway (Autobahn) network, and can be easily reached from anywhere in Europe. Detailed, easy-to-follow signs will lead the way. Coming westward from the A3 highway on the A44 highway, follow Messe Düsseldorf’s own access road to its large-scale parking lots, equipped with 20,000 parking spaces. Complimentary shuttle buses will take you from the parking lots to all entrances and back within a few short minutes.

Local Transportation to the Show


   Your exhibitor pass and/or your admission ticket doubles as your ticket for travel within Düsseldorf’s regional public transportation network!

What To Take?

The subway lines U78 & U79 and the bus lines 722 & 896 provide service to the fairgrounds.

The Rhine-Ruhr Public Transportation System (VRR) and the Rhein-Sieg Public Transportation System (VRS) are found in and around Düsseldorf for an easy commute (see map below). The VRR / VRS offer Messe Düsseldorf’s exhibitors and attendees the option of taking the subway, tram, bus, or regional train (2nd class) during shows at no extra cost. IC, ICE and EC trains are NOT included in the free transportation offer at any time.


Who Can Ride?

Details about exactly what public transportation is included with the exhibitor or visitor entrance pass/badge are printed on its backside. These details can also be found on the visitor or exhibitor registration webpage, along with additional maps.

Exhibitor passes are allowed access to the VRR (and in some cases, VRS) two days before, during, and two days after the show.

The following Visitor tickets include free round-trip travel to the Düsseldorf fairground during show days only:

  • Daily admission tickets for visitors
  • Season admission tickets for visitors
  • Combination congress/trade fair admission tickets
  • Admission ticket vouchers

For trade shows in Düsseldorf that are open to the general public, visitor Kombi-Tickets (admission/travel tickets) can be purchased at over 120 authorized VRR / VRS sales outlets. For most other trade shows, visitor Kombi-Tickets can be purchased from the Messe Düsseldorf trade show counters located at the Düsseldorf airport and main train station.


The VRR System covers all of Düsseldorf as well as some outlying suburbs and is displayed on the map below in yellow.

The VRS System covers all of Cologne as well as some outlying suburbs and is displayed on the map below in orange.


Please check in advance with your hotel to find out if the public transportation by VRR System is available from your hotel location to Messe Düsseldorf. Your hotel concierge will also be able to advise the best route to get to the trade show.

If staying outside the VRR Zone, it will be necessary to purchase a ticket to the perimeter of the VVR Zone, and then for the rest of the journey within the VRR Zone (map above), there will be no additional charges for public transportation to the trade show.

Example: Travel from Cologne to Düsseldorf:

If staying in the area south of Düsseldorf (including but not limited to Cologne, Bonn, Leverkusen, etc.), the first leg of travel will be within a separate transportation network, known as the VRS, before entering into the VRR Zone.

At the Cologne main train station (Haputbahnhof) purchase:

Two SINGLE TICKETS, ZONE 3, ADULT. Euro 5.00* each.

This will cover a round trip to and from the edge of Düsseldorf's VRR Zone. From the edge of Düsseldorf's VRR Zone to the fairgrounds, the ride is then covered by the entrance pass/badge.

If traveling to the show on multiple days from Cologne, purchase:

4-TICKET (4 rides), ZONE 3, ADULT. Euro 18.40*

For more details about the VRS, please visit


If the trade show's official registration web site AND the back of your entrance pass/badge specify that both VRR and VRS are included in the free transportation plan, then you do not have to purchase an additional ticket in order to travel from any city located within the VRS Transportation System.

*Ticket prices from 2015. Subject to change at any time.

Things to do in Düsseldorf

There's so much to see and do in Düsseldorf! Shopping, dining, museums, and nightlife – you name it!

The home to 575,000 people, Düsseldorf extends along both banks of the world-famous Rhine River. Be sure to take a leisurely stroll along the Rheinufer Promenade and watch the numerous ships and barges plying the swift waters of the river, and then go exploring in the Old City (Altstadt), with its narrow, winding cobblestone streets and numerous shops, churches, restaurants, and bars. If upscale shopping interests you, don't miss the fashionable Königsallee (also known simply as the “Kö”) just on the other edge of the Old City.

Whatever your interests, Düsseldorf will not disappoint!

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