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March 2016

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With 32,000 trade visitors, the TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf 2016 demonstrated that it has become firmly established as a leading trade fair. “This year we were able to once again post a rise in visitor numbers. The unanimous enthusiasm of exhibitors and the trade fair’s popularity among visitors show that TOP HAIR Düsseldorf has assumed a leading role in Europe,” said Director Helmut Winkler. With its combination of world class shows, workshops, the Cutting Factory, congress and trade fair, this concept is unique in the sector. “The high-quality range is geared towards hair stylists and their needs,” added Helmut Winkler. This is also valued by salon owners and master hair stylist who traditionally make up a high proportion of the visitors, with 50% being self-employed.

Christian Schikora, Managing Director of TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL GmbH, agreed: “The Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf have developed into the largest and most spectacular trade fair in the sector. This event is not only a hairdressing trade fair but also a big family get-together and an indispensable contact exchange at the same time. TOP HAIR DÜSSELDORF is pleasant, innovative and successful.” The setting and professional atmosphere was very popular with visitors and exhibitors alike.

A total of 400 exhibitors and brands presented a market overview of exclusive hair styling products, furniture/furnishings, tools of the trade and services. Exhibitors were highly satisfied and praised the high share of salon owners and decision-makers among the trade visitors and reported productive meetings and conversations. They were also pleased about the separation between the direct sales and orders segments.

The quality of the first-class shows presenting the international stars of the hair stylist scene on stage is unique in Germany. This year’s highlights included the Special Show of Robert Cromeans, Global Artistic Director at John Paul Mitchell Systems as well as performances by Guy Tang from Hollywood, Patrick Cameron from England, Toni & Guy for Redken, It's a Man's World by1o1Barbers, Markus Salm for System Professional Men with the creative team for Wella Professionals and collection highlights from Sebastian, Londa and Sassoon Professional, Mario Krankl & Icono by Goldwell and Live Beautyfully by Paul Mitchell.

The newly positioned workshop stages hosted 122 practice-oriented presentations on topics such as cut, color and styling. International teams participating included Paul Mitchell, Kevin Murphy, Hairdeluxe ag, Wella, Toni & Guy for Redken, Gandini, Markus Salm, Frank Brormann, Sexy Hair, Hair Haus, Sassoon, Markus Herrmann, Goldwell, Kemon, L'anza, KIS, Londa, Bärbel Hopf, Davines, Moroccanoil, KMS, Farouk, Swiss o Par, Glynt, Compagnia della Belezza, Sebastian, Selective Professional, magicfoil, Meininghaus and TomICo.

At the well attended congress sessions, renowned speakers such as Daniela Ben Said, Wolf Davids, Trudelies Grigoletto, Stefan Suchanek, Biyon Kattilathu, Sascha Thomas, Stefan Hagen, Sabine Hübner, Stephan Bethke, Ruth Nowark and Tosin A. David focused on the topics marketing, salon management and personal development.

With the heading “Urban Style”, the Cutting Factory presented current trend techniques like plaiting, up-does, blow-drying, extensions, styling and barbering. Visitors were able to follow the presentations close up, try out styles themselves and talk to the presenters. Scene insiders such as Michel Lößel, Marco Wojach, Marco Küvele, Donald Scott, Dana Wittmann, Christian Schneider, Annerose Cutivel, Compagnia della Bellezza, Davines, Iris Sveinsdottir, Danny Verheijen & Raymon Schulte and Jörg Fahn demonstrated their scissor and razor skills.

The next TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf will take place from April 1 - 2, 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, together with the make-up artist design show. Held parallel will also be BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF (March 31 - April 2, 2017).

For further information on visiting or exhibiting at TOP HAIR 2017, BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF 2017 or the make-up artist design show 2017, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail:; Visit our web site; Subscribe to our blog; Follow us on twitter at

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TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf 2016 Exhibitor Statements:

Eduard R. Dörrenberg, Managing Partner at Dr. Kurt Wolff /ALCINA

“The TOP HAIR trade fair is a well-established trade fair, organized well and recognized meeting point for hair stylists. We have presented ourselves here as open-minded and innovative and are satisfied with the response.”

Hendrik Rumpfkeil, Managing Director at Gieseke Cosmetic

“For us TOP HAIR is the only trade fair that makes sense in the hairdressing sector. The standard of the booths is continually improving and the entire event is successful and primarily a true reflection of our sector.”

Tobias Stähle, Managing Director at KAO Germany / Goldwell

“On both the Saturday and Sunday we were able to post a high footfall. We are satisfied with the quality. This concept is the right one! This year our stand was located right opposite our sister company KMS. Here a bottle design contest was held – and the hair stylists loved it! It was also great to see many international contacts from Austria, Holland as well as Russia. In our view, the future of our sector is international.”

Christian Köthe, Managing Director at KMS Group / Hair Haus

“For the first time, this year we managed to have four large stands in two halls. We were able to achieve two-digit growth and our image stands also enjoyed great popularity. We feel that our assessment of TOP HAIR being the top event in the sector has been confirmed and the event has once again gained in importance.”

Felix Weiser, Managing Partner at Laboratoire Labothene Cosmethique / La Biosthétique

“For us TOP HAIR is clearly the most important hair styling trade fair across the entire German-speaking region. Everything is here! The general trend is for the market to further fragment: salons are focusing and specializing more – we have exactly the right concepts and products here.”

Tobias Kütscher, Managing Director at TIGI Haircare

“We see the trade fair as top quality, both in terms of the program as well as the conversations held here. What is interesting this year are primarily the international contacts, mostly from Central and Eastern Europe. We are delighted with the quality of the stands and shows. We feel our decision to attend the event was the right one given that TOP HAIR is the No.1 trade fair in the sector in Germany. We have identified a trend towards individualization – hairdressers need to differentiate themselves. This is exactly the field that we offer hair dyes and products for. We feel very at home here – actually we could imagine the trade fair lasting another day.”

Felix Haffa, Managing Director at New Flag

“The Sunday, in particular, was really busy at our stand and we are delighted with the high standard of our visitors. We were able to showcase new products and win new customers – just as it should be! Here everything is well organized. We are present at trade fairs in 13 countries – but Düsseldorf is the best one for customer contacts.”

Katharina Jahrling, Managing Director at Schwarzkopf Professional

“We are happy to be here as a German company with the Made in Germany quality seal. Our stand was well attended throughout and TOP HAIR is the undisputed No. 1. The concept featuring shows, business plus creativity really works. We see our appearance as an obligation, it fits! The networking is simply great. We also welcomed many customers from Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Additionally, we could imagine a kind of digital forum offering information in concentrated and efficient form before the start of the trade fair.

Ralf Billharz, Vice President Wella Germany Austria Switzerland

“Welcome home” was our trade fair motto, a philosophy visitors could experience both at the Wella-Haus with its various rooms in Hall 8b, at the presentation of all our brand highlights on the big stage on Sunday and at our numerous workshops. Top Hair Trend & Fashion Days are convincing with a high-quality concept – it was fun to be part of it. We had good conversations with many hairdressing companies and managed to be a good host for all our customers thanks to our diversity.”

Noah Wild, Board Chairman, WILD Beauty, Paul Mitchell

“Once again, there was a great atmosphere in Düsseldorf. Obviously, the highlight was our event with superstar Robert Cromeans that generated great interest among hairdressers. TOP HAIR is just wonderful and its proximity to the city center is ideal – it’s an all-round success.”

TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL Trend & Fashion Days 2016 Presenter Statements:

Robert Cromeans

“The organization is incredible and here they offer a fantastic but also very professional show. I love this fair which is why I extended my own stage appearance specifically. When I was here on stage at TOP HAIR in Düsseldorf I was one of the happiest people in the world.”

Patrick Cameron

“TOP HAIR is one of my personal top trade fairs in the world. The energy on site is simply great – and the people in Düsseldorf are top.”

Toni & Guy

“We held very good conversations with customers. The combination of consultation stand and workshop was very good since after the workshop we were able to continue assisting the audience at our stand. We were able to market Toni&Guy and Label.m very well.”

1o1 Barbers-Team

“The TOP HAIR trade fair is incredibly professional, extremely well organized and the team behind the scenes did a great job.”

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